Community Spotlight · Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Replenysh helps Bartlesville keep materials out of the landfill
Clark Dinnison
Clark Dinnison
October 8, 2021
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When the recycling facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma suffered fire damage in April 2020, Bartlesville and the surrounding communities we're left with no options to recycle. All of the materials were destined for the landfill or incineration.

With Replenysh already helping nearby towns like Bristow, Cushing, Chandler and Tulsa keep their materials out of the landfill — we knew our tools could help.

Here's how it works:
1. Anyone with space can become a Replenysh host and collect materials (from the public or their own staff/students/etc). Replenysh provides everything needed to store the materials and earn money from the materials collected.

2. Use the Replenysh app to find nearby host locations and drop off your material (separated by type). The material is picked up and sent directly to brands who will reuse the material in new products. #endlandfills

3. Track your impact in the Replenysh mobile app or via SMS

👉 Join Replenysh (it's free):

🗓 Replenysh will be hosting a kickoff event, so start saving up your materials!

Where: Lee Lake Parking Lot (2700 SE Adams Blvd, Bartlesville, OK)
When: Oct 23rd at 10am-2pm
Accepted materials:
• Plastic PET #1 containers
• Plastic PET #1 thermoforms
• Plastic HDPE #2 containers
• Aluminum Cans
• Steel Cans
• Cardboard
• Glass Bottles

If you’re hearing about Replenysh for the first time, learn about what we do.

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