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Join the future of material recovery from your dashboard in a few clicks.

Engage customers

Get ROI by connecting with people who help recover material across the Replenysh network.

Automate impact

Put your sustainability plans on autopilot and verify your local impact in real-time.

Share effortlessly

We make it simple to showcase your commitment to make a positive impact.

How it works

Create a Campaign

Tell us how much material you want to recover. We'll handle the rest.

Recover & Connect

We recover material and enable you to engage with participants to create ROI.

Tell the World

Showcase your commitment to customers and build trust using our assets.

Circularity, simplified.

Replenysh connects you with local communities to recover materials that your brand uses in its products or packaging. It’s an easy way to collect the amount of material you put into the market and make immediate impact that customers care about.

For ambitious and inspired brands only

Brand partners are helping scale a first-of-its-kind global material recovery solution. We'll provide you with everything you need to tell a unique story and differentiate yourself in just a few clicks.

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