Circularity Cohort 2022
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Empowering forward-thinking communities across the country to collect and monetize their materials and products — joining the mission to end landfills.

Learn from & connect with our forward-thinking brand partners

What is it?

This first-of-its-kind program is designed to uplift communities through the monetization of their recyclable materials and products, and connect them directly with brand partners building circular supply chains.

Access exclusive content & tools to build your zero-cost, revenue-generating circularity program

Receive 1-on-1 coaching from the Replenysh team

Connect directly with brand partners to monetize your materials and products

We help cities build circularity in days (not years).

Who is it for?

We're accepting enrollments from any community looking to remove the burden of recycling's rising costs and broken infrastructure. We've created a better way and want to show you how (hint: it's really really easy).

City Staff

Any city employee who would like to lead the charge is encouraged to enroll. We typically see City Managers, Director of Public Works or Sustainability roles.

Non-Profit Organizations

Don't want to wait on your city to take action? That's music to our ears. If you run a community organization and want to help your neighborhood thrive, we hope you'll enroll!

Recycling Centers

Have an existing operation that you would like to increase revenue for? Let's talk.


Do you have customers asking you for help in keeping products out of the landfill? We can help.

What you get

Access to online marketplace so you can monetize your materials

Educational videos & talks to show you how circularity can work for you

Opportunity to collaborate with & learn from industry experts

In-person setup & support from the Replenysh team to help build circularity in your city

Access to Replenysh technology and tools that engage and educate community members

Everything you need to build circularity and monetize your materials & products


Sit back and learn while we provide everything your community needs to build circularity. Our self-serve course enables you to go at your own pace and confidently roll out a new solution in your community.

Topic 1 Circularity vs Recycling

We provide an overview of why current recycling infrastructure is broken and the history that led us here. We'll take a deep dive into what circularity is and why it matters — plus how it will help your community thrive.

Topic 2 Infrastructure of the Future

We'll discuss everything your community needs to enjoy a resilient, revenue-generating material recovery solution. We'll provide guides to help you understand and explain to key stakeholders, checklists, and offer perspectives from communities who have successfully implemented Replenysh.

Topic 3 The Tools We Provide

Learn about the technology Replenysh has built to help your community build circularity. You'll see how easy it is to track the amount of material collected, where it goes and much more. 

Topic 4 It's All About the Destination

We'll introduce you to our brand partners so you can hear how your community plays a critical role in their circular supply chains. Ask questions and gain insights critical to long-term success.

Topic 5 Say Goodbye to Contamination

We'll take you through Replenysh Academy — our in-depth course on how to identify the primary material types. Learn the difference between each type of plastic, why separating by material type matters, and how we train community members to sort at home.

Topic 6 Arming the Rebels

We'll provide you with engaging ways to announce this initiative to your community and get them excited about the future. From templates and presentation decks to personalized coaching sessions, you'll feel confident spreading the word to the people who matter most.

Topic 7 Monetizing Your Materials

We'll show you how easy it is to use the Replenysh Marketplace to sell your material directly to end buyers at the best rate possible. You'll also meet our mill partners to learn about the importance of domestic reprocessing capabilities and your community's role in scaling regeneration across the country.

Topic 8 Starting a Movement

We'll review everything we've covered and ensure you (and your community) are set up for success. You'll also gain access to monthly graduate webinars and connect directly with other Replenysh communities to share best practices and ask questions as you continue on your journey.

Cohort Alumni

These communities are building circularity in 2022. Enroll and join them today!

Jackson, MS
Beaumont, TX
Skiatook, OK
Alton, TX
Guthrie, OK
Arab, AL
County, FL
Washington County, TN
Buckingham County, VA
Staunton County, VA
Casa Grande, AZ
Port Arthur, TX
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