COVID-19 Update

We're here to help

At Replenysh, supporting our partners and the industry in these challenging times is our top priority. We are immediately moving on the following initiatives at zero profit for Replenysh:
We're purchasing $1 million of PET plastic direct from communities and recycling centers in need
Neighborhoods, communities and/or recycling centers can fill out the Support Request form. Our team will reach out to you.
If you are a recycling center and have suspended operations, please fill out the Support Request form and we stand ready to purchase as soon as you reopen to give you an immediate lift.
We're sending PPE (personal protective equipment) and hand sanitizer to collectors, recycling centers, and mills
If you need any of these supplies, please fill out theSupport Request form. Our team will reach out to you.
We're providing access to our technology for creative solutions to move materials and products
Haulers and collectors can use our pickup and routing tools to create new routes or decrease the cost of existing routes.
Municipalities and recycling centers can use our marketplace tools to decrease costs and increase revenues.
Hospitals and other healthcare providers can use our tools to track and move essential equipment (PPE, ventilators, etc) between facilities.
Request Access to API
We're matching independent collectors with their neighbors to earn extra cash in California
If you are willing to donate your CRV bottles and cans to a neighbor in need, please fill out this form: Request a Pickup
If you are looking to make some extra cash in these difficult times, please fill out this form: Become a Collector
If there is anything else we can help with, you can reach me directly at (949) 344-2357 or

We're in this together 🌎,

Mark and the Replenysh team
We're providing PPE to workers on the front lines of COVID-19
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