Frequently Asked Questions

What is Replenysh?

Replenysh is a digital platform that connects global brands with local communities to recover materials and eliminate the concept of waste.

We transform the way materials are sourced, by working directly with brands who want to make an authentic connection with their customer and help keep materials out of the landfill.

At a local level, we provide communities the tools they need to make every home and business a material supplier and help foster relationships with brands they love.

How do I join Replenysh?

You can join Replenysh and start making an impact here. You can also download our mobile app to find nearby locations that accept materials and track your impact.

How much does it cost?

Replenysh is 100% free to anyone who wants a convenient and delightful way to ensure their stuff stays out of the landfill.

How does Replenysh make money?

Replenysh empowers brands to get their products and materials back from their customers by offering the infrastructure and tools to make that happen.

What items are accepted?

Each host on Replenysh decides which materials they want to accept. Once you join, you'll be able to view all the local listings and see which materials are accepted nearby.

We're currently focused on common items like plastic bottles, glass bottles, aluminum cans, steel cans, cardboard, apparel, batteries and electronics.

Have a suggestion? Let us know!

How should I sort & store my items?

We have an entire library of quick videos for you to learn the basics. Check out Replenysh Academy to learn tips and tricks for sorting and storing materials.

When are my items collected?

Collection depends on your local Replenysh network.

For communities with pickup option, we'll collect items each week and announce the pickup day via SMS. On the day of pickup, we'll let you know when the collector is nearby so you can prepare the items.

In other communities, we'll host dropoff events where you can bring your items to a convenient location.

Where do the collected items go?

Replenysh works with brands who want to utilize recovered materials in their products. This ensures each item collected has a second life and ensures it stays out of the landfill. We'll provide you with tracking for peace of mind, knowing you made a positive impact.

How can I suggest an item to be accepted?

We love suggestions. Email us at and tell us why it's important to you for it to stay out of the landfill.

Can my business participate?

Yes! The more material we collect, the bigger the impact in the community.

I still have questions, who can I contact?

We recommend checking out our help desk first. If that doesn't answer your question, feel free to send an email to