Unlock the value of materials in your community

As a Replenysh host, we give you the tools to collect materials and help end landfills, build a resilient community and earn money.


Anyone can host and start making a difference today

No matter your situation, we can help you get started.

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Community Gardens
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Non-Profit Organizations
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How it works

All you need is a little bit of space to store your materials and a community of as many people, businesses and organizations as possible.

You can either collect materials from people and organizations or get them to bring it to you, depending on your strategy.

Once you have enough clean, reusable material, we sell it back to the brands for you so they can make new products and build circularity.

Sign Up

We'll provide everything you need to get started, including super sacks to store material and a mobile app to build your community and track the impact you're making.

Collect Materials

Fill up the super sacks with clean materials. Once you have full super sacks, we'll pick it up for free and show you how much material you collected and your earnings.

Get Paid & Track Impact

We’ll automatically deposit earnings to your bank account so you never have to worry about it. Track your impact with our free mobile & web apps.

Everything you need to get started and grow

Replenysh gives you the tools and resources you need to collect materials from your community, helping to end landfills and the opportunity to add thousands to your annual income.

You're in control

Choose when and how you collect materials. Open your location to the public or stay private and gather from just your neighbors.

Zero risk, zero cost

Collect materials at your own pace, there’s no fees or minimums. Spend 10 minutes a week or collect full-time.

Get paid quickly

We’ll handle the payments and automatically deposit into your account. We're transparent with all material rates.

Build community

Empower your network to be part of the solution to end landfills. It's a win-win for everyone.

We're here for you

You’ll receive dedicated support from our team to ensure safety & satisfaction.

Powerful Tools

Our app helps you grow with shareable links, fliers and community-wide messages.

You'll love hosting on Replenysh

"Replenysh has provided our town with the opportunity to keep our materials out of landfill, while reinvesting earnings back into the community."

Kris Wyatt

Bristow, OK

"Being a host drives foot traffic to our store and attracts the right kind of people. We also reduced our trash bill and can track how much material we're keeping out of the landfill."

Name Surname

Cushing, OK

"It's a simple way for me to make extra money with little effort. I collect bottles & cans while I work as a cleaner and a little bit each day really adds up."

Name Surname

Bartlesville, OK

"Our school became a host and the students LOVE it. We save up the earnings and do improvement projects for the school and even throw pizza parties to celebrate!"

Name Surname

Ardmore, OK

"Instead of costing the taxpayers money, Replenysh has flipped the model so community members can actually earn money by collecting materials from their neighbors. It's incredible."

Name Surname

Tulsa, OK

"Hosting has been a great way for me to meet my neighbors and connect with them in a new way. My entire block now brings me their material and we reinvest earnings to improve our local park."

Name Surname

Broken Arrow, OK

See how much you could earn

The more material you collect, the more impact and earnings.

Estimated Earnings

240 per month

2,880 per year

See how earnings are estimated