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As a Replenysh host, you offer community members the benefit of convenient dropoff for their recyclable materials  — and your business gets more visibility, foot traffic and revenue opportunities.

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Unlock material value in your community

We're reimagining how materials are collected in communities. Hosts around the country can now collect and monetize their community's materials — while helping their favorite brands create a stronger, more resilient supply chain.

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It's easy to get started

How it works

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1. Become a host

We'll provide everything you need to get started, including super sacks to store material and a dashboard to track the impact you're making.

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2. Collect material

Collect material from the community or just your staff/students. Once you have full super sacks, we'll pick it up for free and give you reporting.

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3. Make an impact and get paid

Showcase your commitment to the community and earn additional revenue from the material you collect.

We'll help you every step of the way

You'll get access to tools that make hosting easy, plus join other hosts making an impact in their community.

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Track your impact

It's simple to measure the impact you're making with real-time reports of material collected at your location.

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Promote your listing

We make it simple to share on social media and tell your network. Tell the world you're taking action.

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Set your visibility

You can choose to accept materials from anyone (public) or just your own staff/students (private)

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Lower your trash bill

Keeping material out of the landfill makes business sense.

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Join community of hosts

Be part of the mission to end landfills and make an impact in communities nationwide.

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Earn money for materials

Yes, you can actually turn those used materials into new revenue for your organization.

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A few examples of hosts

• School
• Church
• Non-profit organization
• Private office
• Retailer
• Community center
• Your own backyard

Become a host
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Frequently asked questions

How does hosting work?

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Anyone can become a Replenysh host and start collecting materials in their community. We provide everything you need to make it easy and convenient.

Collected materials get sent back to brands who reuse them in their circular supply chains, getting us closer to ending landfills and the concept of waste.

What does Replenysh provide?

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We provide everything you need to get started and be successful. This includes:
• Super sacks to store collected materials
• A mobile app for community members to discover your listing (what materials you accept, when you're accepting, directions, etc)
• A pre-made website so you can promote your listing and get community members to bring you materials
• Dedicated support team (call/sms/email)
• Host coaches to help you get set up quickly and be successful

How much can I earn?

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Earnings depend on how much material you collect! We provide you with various tools to promote your listing to ensure you're successful.

Do I have to accept materials from the public?

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Nope! While most host locations are open to the public, many choose to be private. Examples include offices which collect materials from their own staff/employees or schools who only want to collect from their students.

If you need help deciding, we can help!

How much space do I need?

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Each super sack takes up about 9 sq. ft (3ft x 3ft). Most successful hosts collect 3 or more material types and utilize a rack system to keep things organized.

Where do I store the materials?

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We will provide you with super sacks for each material type you want to accept. Each host setup is unique, but we will provide best practices and guides to get you up and running quickly.

Where does the material go?

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Each material type goes to a unique facility for processing to be remade into new products or packaging.

Replenysh partners with domestic processors for all supported materials, except PET #1 thermoforms which are processed in Mexico. The materials are injected back into the supply chain of the brands that have partnered with Replenysh.


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