Your city can make an impact

City leaders can play a big role in helping to end landfills! Say goodbye to expensive recycling programs, say hello to revenue and circularity.

Top 3 reasons your city should become a Replenysh host

Build a more resilient community by helping citizens keep their materials out of landfill.

Turn a tax-payer expense into a revenue generating opportunity that builds trust.

Be a leader in the global movement to end landfills.

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D.I.Y. plans to build super sack racks

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Trailer with super sacks
UAPB Replenysh
Paths to Independence Replenysh
Replenysh for Universities
Cushing School Replenysh
Vertical Aerospace Replenysh
Bartlesville Replenysh
Bristow Replenysh
Chandler Replenysh
Cushing Replenysh
Kellyville Replenysh
Cardboard Baler
Replenysh sticker
Replenysh Bartlesville launch event