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Per host per month

Hosts recover material on your behalf and enable you to engage with participating members

Recover materials and fund local infrastructure
Engage participants with rewards and offers
Share hosted webpage to showcase impact
Dashboard to track portfolio of host locations
Dedicated success manager
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Available for businesses with large material recovery needs or unique business models

Everything in Standard plan, plus:
Reintroduce material into your own supply chain
Create closed loop programs with your retailers
Integrate experience into your own app/website
Enhanced tracking and supply chain efficiencies
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Frequently asked questions

What materials can you recover?

Replenysh is built to be material/product agnostic, so we can support any material type.

We are currently focused on 7 material types:
• Plastic PET #1 Containers
• Plastic PET #1 Thermoforms
• Plastic HDPE #2 Containers
• Aluminum Cans
• Steel Cans
• Cardboard & Chipboard
• Glass Containers

Don't see your material on the list? Let's chat.

What is a host?

Hosts are organizations, businesses, or individuals who accept source-separated materials from the community. They collect materials on behalf of brands to prevent them from ending up in a landfill.

Hosts are an entirely new kind of decentralized infrastructure that works anywhere in the world.

By funding hosts on Replenysh, you're supporting next-gen material recovery in local communities and helping them thrive.

How many hosts can I fund?

You can fund as many hosts as you want, depending how much material you want to recover. Once you join, we will review your goals during an onboarding call and will customize your plan and scale it appropriately.

Is there a free trial?

No, we do not offer free trials. Replenysh combines technology with real infrastructure, so there are hard costs involved with everything we do. Monetary support from brands is the future of circularity, and we believe we have the consumer engagement tools for you to generate ROI on your commitment.

Is billing monthly or quarterly?

Standard billing is monthly, since we use those funds to support real-world infrastructure and hosts are dependent on brand support. For high-volume customers or unique business models, we may be able to accommodate quarterly billing.

Are there cancellation fees?

No, there are no fees if you decide not to continue.

Can I choose which host locations I fund?

By default, Replenysh will select the best-suited host locations to ensure you can reach your goals.

If you work with a retailer network and want them to become hosts to support your material recovery efforts, let us know and we can customize your plan.

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