What is circularity and why should I join?

One out of every two aluminum containers is lost to landfill or incineration in the US today, so

Proud Source


Ball Corporation

have teamed up with


to create a new circularity infrastructure.

Our goal is to recover six-million pounds of aluminum over the next 12 months within the state of Florida. This program will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 27,442.89 MTCO2e (that's equivalent to 3,457 homes' energy use for one year), prevent pollution and landfill waste, and re-invest in local economies.  ​

This program enables Proud Source and Ball Corporation to continuously source their materials directly from their customers and those who participate as host locations. Communities can build circularity infrastructure, track collected materials in real-time and benefit from commodity earnings.

It's free and easy to make an impact

How it works


Collect aluminum bottles and cans at your location

We'll give you free super sacks to store your aluminum (and any other material you choose). All you need is a bit of space.


Schedule a pickup using our mobile app

Once you're ready, get it picked up and see where it goes in just a few taps.


You get paid, Proud Source gets material back

Use the material value to cover the cost of pickup and keep or donate any extra. Share your impact with customers, and know you're doing your part to help end landfills.

Find a nearby host

Not ready to become a host? Take your aluminum to a nearby host to ensure Proud Source gets it back and you can track your impact.

Finding community...
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Benefits of hosting

We provide everything you need to keep materials out of the landfill (for free), including super sacks to store material and a mobile app to schedule pickups, track earnings, and monitor the impact you're making.

Enjoy a zero cost circularity program

Build community and engage guests in an authentic way

Know where materials go and build trust & transparency into your ESG goals

Unlock the value of raw materials and earn money back

Reduce garbage/waste service fees

Share real-time data and insights with customers to showcase commitment

Estimate your earnings

Enter how much you expect to collect per month to see how much you could earn.

On average, each super sack can hold between 1,200 - 1,500 containers

What items do you plan to collect?

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Examples of hosts

Any individual or organization can become a host. Start collecting and monetizing your materials today!

K-12 Schools

K-12 School

Schools throughout Bristow, Oklahoma collect materials and raise money for an education fund they started with the earnings from hosting.
  • Convenient dropoff locations for students
  • 121,000 lbs collected and kept out of landfill
  • Students & teachers love the education


Paths to Independence uses earnings from collected materials to amplify their mission of providing educational and support services to children and adults with autism.
  • Students get hands-on education
  • Community gets convenient dropoff location
  • Earnings help further their mission


Stores in Tulsa, Oklahoma hosted convenient drop-off locations for bottles and cans. Instant rewards for customers drove foot traffic to help increase sales.
  • Provided convenient option to keep out of landfill
  • Drove foot traffic to store
  • Collected material for circular supply chain

College & University

The green team at University of Arkansas Pine Bluff hosts dropoff events to make it convenient for students to do the right thing.
  • Earnings donated to local charities
  • 5,828 lbs collected and kept out of landfill


Proud Source's own bottling facilities are host locations, ensuring we do our part to recover every possible aluminum bottle.
  • Provide convenient option for nearby residents
  • Shareable impact reports help showcase our commitment
  • Collected material is reused in our circular supply chain


Bartlesville, Oklahoma canceled recycling services due to a six-figure yearly cost. With Replenysh they erased all costs & earn money on every pound collected.
  • Created local jobs
  • 25+ host locations provide convenient option to residents
  • 65 tons collected & monetized in first 6 months


An aerospace manufacturer in Oklahoma empowers employees to collect recyclable materials on-site and uses earnings to pay for office parties.
  • Enabled new employee perk
  • Earnings used for office parties and prizes
  • Reduced waste service fees


Various religious buildings provide convenient dropoff locations for their members and use earnings for community events.
  • Members get convenient dropoff location
  • Earnings used for community gatherings
  • Reduced waste service fees

Did you know?

Today only 25% of products in the US are actually recycled. The average recycle rate for aluminum cans in the United States is approximately 43%.

​​In the state of Florida, with one of the highest consumption rates of aluminum cans, the recycle rate for aluminum is just 25%. Focusing on the state of Florida will immediately improve recovery rates and provide communities with access to next-gen circularity infrastructure. Increasing Florida’s aluminum recycling rate to 90% would offer significant economic, social, and climate benefits:​

Generate $151.8 million for Florida’s economy through material sales

Contribute 9,400 jobs in collection, sorting, and reprocessing to Florida’s economy

Keep 119,700 tons of materials out of the landfill each year - saving enough energy to power 132,000 homes for a year ​​

Avoid 1.1 million MTCO2e of GHG emissions annually — equivalent to taking 237,000 cars off the road for a year​

Get started today

Join Proud Source in building circularity and making an impact in your local community. It's free and easy to get started!


Get answers to common questions

What is Replenysh?

Replenysh is a community-powered collection network helping brands recover and reuse their materials. Our mission is to end landfills.

Why is Proud Source and Ball Corporation partnering with Replenysh?

We've partnered with Replenysh to ensure the aluminum we use in our products stays out of the landfill AND gets back into our supply chain so we can reuse it. Replenysh provides all the tools needed to help us collect aluminum directly from our customers in communities across the country. It's called circularity — and we're excited to have you play a key role in helping us collect our aluminum!

What is a host?

A host is any individual or organization on Replenysh who collects materials from their community and helps brands recover their materials for reuse.

How do I sign up?

Complete this form to join Replenysh for free today. You'll become a Replenysh Host and can start collecting materials that will be sent directly back into our supply chain.

How much money can I earn?

You'll be paid based on the amount of each material type you collect. You can choose whether you want to keep the earnings or donate them.

Aluminum is the currently the most valuable material type supported, so you can maximize earnings by focusing on this material type.

View the latest market rates for all material types

What materials can I collect?

Replenysh currently supports 7 different material types which you can choose during onboarding. You will receive a super sack for EACH material type you select.

Proud Source is recovering Aluminum Cans and Aluminum Bottles.

Will I need to sort the materials before they're picked up?

Yes, you'll be expected to ensure materials are sorted by type into the provided super sacks. Each material type goes to a unique processing facility for reuse, so its critical to keep separated throughout the entire process to ensure quality.

Will this reduce my waste costs?

We cannot guarantee this will reduce your existing waste bill, but in many cases, by collecting more materials and providing customers/staff with a convenient option, less material is put in your dumpster which can lower your overall costs.

How much does it cost?

It's free. In fact, you are paid for any materials you collect based on a per pound rate.

How long will it take to receive my free super sacks?

We aim to have super sacks delivered to you within 3 days of joining! You can get started collecting immediately. Some locations choose to build racks/hooks to better organize their sacks.

What's included?

• Super sacks for storing materials
• Web dashboard and mobile app to request pickup, measure impact and spread the word
• Complete traceability of materials
• Shareable impact reports