Give your bottles and cans to support neighbors impacted by COVID-19
These are unprecedented times and millions of our neighbors are struggling to make ends meet. Yet today in California, there are over $1.5 billion in untapped resources that can provide immediate relief to our neighbors. Help by donating your bottles and cans today.

Help us build the future of material recovery

Collect recyclables from your community and get paid while helping your neighborhood thrive.
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How it Works

Build Your Network
Tell nearby homes and businesses you're collecting material to get started
Collect Material
Use our app to pick up bottles and cans from your community
Get Paid
Earn cash from your local recycling facility at the moment of dropoff
Available in California

2 Ways to Join

Collect Material

Need some extra cash?
Get tools to grow your collection network
Get paid cash upon dropoff at recycling center
Become a leader in your community
Join as Collector

Give Your Material

Your community needs you!
Support your neighbors who need extra income
Donate cans & bottles to someone in need
Simply leave a bag of material on your doorstep
Request a Pickup

Building the future
of material recovery

Recycling is broken. Current infrastructure results in contaminated materials, is expensive, and hasn't improved recycling rates since the 1980's. It's time for a change.

1-2% of the world's population currently collects and sells material for a living. They've used homegrown tactics to build their own book of business, manage those relationships, and attempt to scrape by on the value of material they collect. Due to COVID-19, these valuable people are struggling more than ever.

By providing easy-to-use, powerful tools to this workforce, we not only increase the recovery rate and reduce contamination of secondary materials, we elevate people in their community and create millions of additional jobs.

Ultimately, by collecting more material from the market in a new way, brands will be able to reuse materials collected directly from their customers, exceed their sustainability goals, and create a closed loop ecosystem while eliminating landfills and plastic pollution.
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