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Material recovery, reimagined.

Reconnect with your customers while funding next-gen recovery infrastructure. Monitor your portfolio of locations with a dashboard and start sharing your impact.

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Why circularity matters

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Billions of dollars of reusable materials are buried in landfills each year.

With Replenysh, any brand can now fund the infrastructure to keep those materials out of the landfill.

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Eliminating landfills is critical to fighting climate change.

Most products eventually end up in landfills, which emit methane gas (80x worse than CO2).

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The moment your customer finishes your product, your relationship ends.

With Replenysh, you can engage them at that perfect moment to build loyalty and increase sales.

The Operating System of the Circular Economy

Explore your brand's new superpowers

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Fund next-gen recovery infrastructure

Automate your environmental goals by supporting hosts in communities nationwide

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Keep materials out of the landfill

It's now easy to do the right thing and ensure materials get reused #endlandfills

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Engage with consumers in an entirely new way

Unlock an entirely new moment to connect when they're done with your product.

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Build trust with consumers and your own employees

Show your customers and team that you care and are taking action

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Showcase your commitment to doing the right thing

Use our pre-built webpage or integrate our API to tell your story of circularity.

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Scale your impact  in just a few clicks

Recover 100 or 100 million pounds of material by directly funding new infrastructure.

What makes Replenysh unique?

Learn about the solution we've built from the ground up to end landfills and provide brands with a new way to engage their customers.

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Replenysh Walmart
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Couldn't be easier.

We had customers asking what we were doing about our plastic packaging. This was a simple way to make an immediate impact and help keep materials out of the landfill.

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Peter R.
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Authentic and impactful

Replenysh provides everything we need to tell our story of circularity and align our values with our customers.

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Kerry S.
Abbot's Butcher

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