July 26, 2022


Clark Dinnison

Replenysh builds circularity in Grand Canyon National Park

Every day, thousands of visitors stream into Grand Canyon National Park to take in the spectacular views of this amazing natural wonder. As they take in the scenery, most visitors bring bottled water or their favorite beverage to stay hydrated in the Arizona heat. 

Up until now, most of those containers deposited into bins around the North Rim and South Rim Lodges were ending up in a nearby landfill. This tourist destination located inside a pristine national park was desperate for a solution given its remote location and commitment to the environment.

Meanwhile, regional beverage distributor Nackard Pepsi in Flagstaff, Arizona was looking for ways to help their customers build circularity by recovering their bottles and cans and ensuring they got back into PepsiCo's supply chain. This presented the perfect opportunity: leverage trucks that were already delivering new product to the North and South Rim Lodges, and fill the returning truck with recyclable materials collected at the lodges from visitors — all powered by Replenysh. 

What was once an empty truck after delivering new product, now is filled with clean and valuable recyclable material, of which a portion of that value is shared back to the customers like Grand Canyon Lodge. Utilizing Replenysh's technology, the weights of all materials collected and their destination are made available and shareable — simplifying the process of reporting on ESG and positive impact to visitors and the community.

In just the first month, over 3 tons of material was kept out of the landfill and sent back to the supply chain of brands building circularity with their products.

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