May 20, 2023


Hyatt Centric steps up circularity program

With concerns about single-use plastic growing, the Hyatt Centric resort in Key West has embarked on an ambitious effort to reduce its use of plastic bottles and other plastic products.

The oceanfront resort recently partnered with sustainable bottled and packaged spring water company Proud Source Water and the recycling company Replenysh to have the first and only circularity recycling platform to reclaim and recycle aluminum collected on the property and the surrounding Key West community.

Circularity recycling means using recyclable material more efficiently by keeping the material in use for as long as possible.

With a goal of becoming a true single-use plastic-free resort, Hyatt Centric has joined this project to augment their sustainability efforts. Aluminum-specific collection bins, signage and storage super sacks have been placed throughout the property and will be distributed in many places in the neighboring community to assist in the collection process, according to the hotel management.

The bottles are eventually hauled out of Key West and taken back to Proud Source to make more bottles, said Jessica Cain, Hyatt Centric general manager. Resort staff has been trained on how to handle and store the recycled material.

“Guests are looking for more opportunities to lessen their own impact, and it’s our job to make it more sustainable and better place so they can continue to come and enjoy the warm tropical weather,” Cain said. “There seems to be a very easy solution and we’ve found it with our partnership with Replynsh.”

“This (program) can be scaled and should be,” Cain added.

Guests and hotel workers can track the progress of the program through a smartphone app or online. To date, the effort has already collected nearly 400 pounds of aluminum for recycling.

The resort will donate 100% of the aluminum recycling proceeds, received through their collection efforts in The Infinite Bottle Project, to Key West-based coral conservation group Reef Relief to aid in their mission to protect and preserve the Florida Keys reef.

“The Hyatt has helped Reef Relief work toward our mission and grow our education program by donating the scrap value from the recycling of aluminum bottles,” Reef Relief program coordinator Taylor Tsacoumis said.

Prior to implementation of the program, the resort would give guests four bottled waters in plastic containers each day. The resort uses roughly 11,000 plastic cups a month, Cain said. Now, the resort will give its guests two aluminum Proud Source bottles per stay and the bottles can be refilled at eight stations at the resort.

“It has the potential to be done right, but the problem is trash and recycling are the same to some people,” said Robert Coleman, assistant director of operations for Hyatt Centric.

The Key West Hyatt Centric is the first the hotel in the Hyatt chain to implement the recycling program.

In addition, the resort does not use plastic straws but agave straws. The resort is working on a plan to replace the single-use plastic linen bags in guest rooms with reusable linen bags, Cain said.

“We have a responsibility as a consumer-packaged goods company to collect what we put out into the world,” said CJ Pennington, president of the Proud Source Water, division of SOURCE Global. “The Infinite Bottle Project is a progressive and innovative program designed to promote true circularity, as aluminum collected at Hyatt Centric Key West and every future partner is infinitely recycled, including some eventually becoming Proud Source Water bottles.”

As one of its first steps in becoming a single-use plastic-free property, Hyatt Centric Key West began serving only Proud Source Water in its infinitely recyclable aluminum packaging. Through The Infinite Bottle Project and its collaboration with Replenysh, the property can now also track and ensure all aluminum cans and bottles collected are sorted properly so they can be recycled and reused.

“By providing our guests with Proud Source’s sustainable bottled water, we took a step forward in our mission to create a new, trusted circularity infrastructure in Key West,” Cain said “Through our partnership with The Infinite Bottle Project, Hyatt will now help recycle thousands of pounds of aluminum each year and further build sustainability throughout the Key West community.”

Proud Source’s water comes from domestic springs in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho and the Apalachicola Forest of Florida, according to the company. The water is sustainably produced and bottled directly at the source, leveraging energy efficient methods to reduce the company’s carbon footprint. Based in Boise, Idaho, Proud Source is available in various varieties, with nationwide distribution at retailers, food service establishments, hotels, stadiums, corporate campuses and online retailers. More information on Proud Source Water can be found online at

Replenysh’s technology and network enable brands like Proud Source Water to recover and reuse their materials with full traceability, making it easy to take action, accelerate sales growth and achieve rapid impact. Working directly with forward-thinking businesses to collect materials, Replenysh provides the tools and know-how to create an end-to-end recycling system that delights customers and employees. This circularity program is free for qualifying business, according to the company. For more information, visit online.


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