July 22, 2022


Clark Dinnison

PakTech empowers breweries to collect HDPE beverage carriers

The last time you picked up a 6-pack of your favorite beverage, you probably took home a PakTech handle and wondered what to do with it.

Thanks to the latest partnership between Replenysh and PakTech, breweries throughout the country will now be dropoff collection locations for the plastic beverage carriers — ensuring they get recycled into something new and stay out of the landfill.

Founded in 1991, PakTech is a designer and manufacturer of 100% recyclable injection molded handles made from 100% recycled HDPE for the food, beverage, and consumer goods industries. With this partnership, PakTech is building towards complete circularity where every product sold is designed to make its way back into the supply chain to endlessly create new products. 

"We are fulfilling a commitment made to customers, ourselves and the planet we all call home. By utilizing the tools Replenysh has built, it's simple for any of our customers to do the right thing and have trust that we're doing the same." said Danielle Fuller, Customer Experience Manager at Paktech.

For interested breweries, the process is simple. Sign up to become a host location (it's free) on Replenysh and you'll receive a free super sack (1 cubic yard) to store the beverage carriers in. Once your sack is full, use the Replenysh app to request a pickup and those materials will be transported and reused by PakTech. You can even add rewards to encourage customers to visit your location and incentivize the return of PakTech carriers.

To find a nearby dropoff location for your handles (available in select markets), download the Replenysh app.

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